Raf Rottiers

Independent Herbalife Member

THIS could be your STORY too null

I first heard about Herbalife through a friend of mine, and a few months later I finally started using the products, combined with regular meals. In a short time I lost all my excess weight (fat) and felt incredibly vital and energetic. As a result, many people started asking me what I was doing to feel this great, and I just explained them what I was doing. Many of them also started using the products and the same happened to them.

This literally started my Herbalife career and business, next to my full time job I held in ICT. Pretty soon it was obvious that it could replace my full time income as an employee, and that I could go as far as I wanted to go since there is no limit in the size of our Herbalife business. So I freed myself of my employer and chose to make my career in Herbalife. Since mid 1993 I have not worked for any employer anymore, and I am as free as a bird to do whatever I like.

I feel blessed with the amazing products I’m using daily since 1993, I’m healthy, energetic, and financially free.
The greatest satisfaction and happiness comes from giving this opportunity to others JUST LIKE YOU so that they
can build an amazing life & career also, while helping others with their health and financial health.